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Capital Manor Redevelopment Project Wins Award

LCS Development managed redevelopment project featured in national architectural magazine
Capital Manor is a Life Plan Community managed by Life Care Services located in Salem, Oregon.

The Capital Manor redevelopment project was featured on the cover of the national architectural magazine, Environments for Aging. LCS Development partnered with LRS Architects on the project. Lisa Warnock, director of housing interiors at LRS Architects, was named a recipient of the Environments for Aging’s 2020 Design Champions award.

The attention to detail of both the exterior and interior architectural design of the project is exceptional with special consideration given to the lighting of the interior environments. Working with the architect and interior designers, LCS Development provided oversight of the design process to ensure the project’s design was responsive to the special requirements of its residents. Research has shown that providing varying levels of light throughout the day improves the health and well-being of individuals, especially seniors.

Realizing seniors who reside in the memory care wing often have restricted access to natural light, the new wing is filled with daylight delivered through large windows and skylights. In addition, interior spaces feature circadian lighting that follows the natural human sleep and wake cycles enhancing the resident’s quality of life. The project, which was completed at the onset of the pandemic, is open to residents.

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The Environments for Aging’s 2020 Design Champions award is in its third year and recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to push the industry’s evolution. The awards feature industry advancements that improve the lives of residents, families and staff.