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Building a senior living community is unlike any other type of construction. There are medical facility regulations and guidelines, restaurant specifications, and residential building codes unique to an aging population. In addition, there are federal guidelines to meet, and a different set of regulations and permits unique to each state. Because of the complexity, there is great benefit working with a reputable senior living development company. LCS Development knows what the process involves. Read this helpful article on finding the right senior living development company.

In our four decades of developing retirement living communities, we’ve dealt with an array of situations and know the required process to bring your project to completion. In addition to navigating the paper maze, LCS Development has learned the best and most efficient ways to help ensure communities are built on time and within budget.

There’s an old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” We take this saying to heart. Before we start a project, we take time to figure out every step of the development process. Then we begin.

The expertise of LCS Development isn’t limited to the LCS Family of Companies. We are fully committed to providing third-party development and repositioning services. To get started on your next project, complete this form.

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